39 Years


39 Years


Garden Supplies

Choose from Ivy’s wide selection of gardening supplies! Supplies to start a garden, keep a garden going, and more. We have all the gardening supplies you need to get your plants growing strong.

Farm Supplies

We have everything you need for the farmer in you, whether you have 100 rolling acres or a small operation. Stop by Ivy’s today for all your farming supplies.

Lonestar Feed

Our goal is to promote animal health by using well-balanced and healthful ingredients. We care about animals and believe that feeding them with quality nourishment made up of balanced and natural components results in happy, healthy animals. Consumers may feed our formulas with complete confidence, knowing that their animals are receiving adequate nutrition for optimal health at all stages of life.

Plumbing Supplies

Find all the plumbing parts and materials you need to get the job done. Let our local trusted hardware store help provide you with everything you need for your plumbing projects!

Lacrosse Footwear

Meet the footwear Jack-of-All-Trades. These boots are up for anything and everything, no matter the season, whether you’re tending to the garden, walking the dog, or planning your next hunt. Our boots have a reputation for being tough. From the construction site to the farm, they’re designed to keep your feet dry, comfy, and safe. And, just as you won’t call it a day until the job is done, our boots won’t either.

Pool Breeze Chemicals

When you’re looking for high-quality pool chemicals, go no further than Pool Breeze. The Pool Breeze 3 Inch Chlorinating Tablets are designed to keep your pool’s chlorine levels stable. Pools can lose a lot of chlorine when exposed to direct sunshine, but putting this product in floaters, feeders, and skimmers can help combat that loss. These tablets are simple to use and essential for keeping your pool’s chlorine treatment consistent.


Propane may power your life in a variety of ways, including at home, in the yard, and on the go.

Concrete Mixes

Here at Ivy’s we sell a variety of types of concrete mixes for various purposes, including architectural, decorative, specialty and standard concrete


With fertilizer, you may create and maintain a lovely lawn and garden. We carry the best fertilizer to keep your lawn looking great all year.

WIX Filters

Equip your vehicle with high-quality car filters. The Wix Filters portfolio includes fuel, oil, air and cabin filters. WIX Filters engineers the best performing, most reliable oil filters, air filters and filter products in the world for automotive, diesel, racing, off-road, agriculture and industrial applications.